Customer persuasion syndrome

Customer persuasion syndrome

Customer persuasion syndrome

Away from the usual controversy about the importance of having an architect working for you

Let us move on to the next stage ... You have a completely empty space of everything, and in contrast, your head is full of many ideas to decorate this place and turn it into a small paradise.

Here comes the role of interior designer, but wait for one moment !!
You are now surrounded by thousands of ads in social networking sites, on the streets and on 
Your mobile phone.

Everyone tries to convince you that it is the best and this is something very legitimate. The competition will always be in your favor first

But let's take a different route this time.
Most of the time you will be placed in front of a specific set of choices, but what if you make a new choice! Will they leave you enough space to do that?
Let's be tough but real. You will not have enough space to choose

And now you are asking yourself, WHY? 
A good question by the way.

The answer is “ Customer persuasion syndrome “ 

When you are trying to find Architect/interior designer, This is an implicit statement that you do not know very well about these things so you tried to hire someone who knows … completely make sense .. right ? 

And based on this information most specialists offer you a range of choices and all you have to do is to "choose" , in fact you do not choose, you are carrying out the desire of another person, but in the form of choice because you are not creative enough to make architectural choices or you are not visionary enough to understand interior design techniques …… please please please DON`T do this again

And here's the moral of those long line “ choose based on criteria “ 

You Are Good Enough. You Are Smart Enough. You Are Creative Enough. And You Know What Else? This Is YOUR home, YOUR Life and above all it`s YOUR dream . Do Whatever Lights Your Soul On Fire and passion

Now you know how to choose an Interior Designer, if there is anything else you want to discuss it with us, please feel free to send us or call us or even give us a visit at our office.